Harpers Bazaar Article 1st August 2017 by Diana Watson



As an only child, Watson was happy in her own company growing up and spent endless hours drawing, painting, learning to sew and making tiny sculptures. 'I am driven to paint, to work or to create something that has meaning' she says.  'Being creative is who I am.'

That childhood creativity led to an art education under eminent West Australian artist Robert Juniper.  Watson then launched her own art career after working for several years in fashion.  'I had a boutique that provided a wonderful necessity to travel to Italy regularly, 'she says.    This was a major influence on the painting I am doing now.''

That painting comprises exquisitely melancholic still life ruminations on nature, flowers, death and renewal.  Evoking a sense of romance and abundance akin to the early masters, Watson's paintings have made her one of Australia's most popular still-life artists with numerous exhibitions to her name and work in private collections in the UK, Italy, Germany,  Dubai and America.  ' I capture and record the fleeting beauty of everyday life, 'she says'There is a need to share this beauty in a world that is not without its foreboding.  My hope is this imagery provides the viewer with a sense of hope and peacefulness.'



Sydney artist's work set to appear in major Hollywood film by Diana Watson

Sydney artist Diana Watson never imagined one of her paintings could end up with a worldwide audience but that’s just what happened when Warner Bros approached her about licensing one of her images for their upcoming film Collateral Beauty. Released in December this year, the film is an indie drama set in New York starring Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet and Will Smith.

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